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For projects that require a fast turn around or have a low print quantity requirement we provide a instant copy and laser print service for up A3 size prints.

Black & White Price List A4 & A3

Black & White A4 90 GsmSingle Sided £0.20
Black & White A4 90 GsmDouble Sided£0.40
Black & White A4 135 GsmSingle Sided £0.30
Black & White A4 135 GsmDouble Sided£0.60
Black & White A4 250 GsmSingle Sided £0.40
Black & White A4 250 GsmDouble Sided£0.80
Black & White A4 300 GsmSingle Sided £0.50
Black & White A4 300 GsmDouble Sided£1.00
Black & White A4 350 GsmSingle Sided £0.60
Black & White A4 350 GsmDouble Sided£1.20
Black & White A390 GsmSingle Sided £0.40
Black & White A390 GsmDouble Sided£0.80
Black & White A3135 GsmSingle Sided £0.60
Black & White A3135 GsmDouble Sided£1.20
Black & White A3250 GsmSingle Sided £0.80
Black & White A3250 GsmDouble Sided£1.60
Black & White A3300 GsmSingle Sided £1.00
Black & White A3300 GsmDouble Sided£2.00
Black & White A3350 GsmSingle Sided £1.20
Black & White A3350 GsmDouble Sided£2.40

Colour Price List A4 & A3

ColourA4 90 GsmSingle Sided £0.30
ColourA4 90 GsmDouble Sided£0.60
ColourA4 135 GsmSingle Sided £0.40
ColourA4 135 GsmDouble Sided£0.70
ColourA4 250 GsmSingle Sided £0.50
ColourA4 250 GsmDouble Sided£1.00
ColourA4 300 GsmSingle Sided £0.60
ColourA4 300 GsmDouble Sided£1.20
ColourA4 350 GsmSingle Sided £0.70
ColourA4 350 GsmDouble Sided£1.40
ColourA390 GsmSingle Sided £0.50
ColourA390 GsmDouble Sided£1.00
ColourA3135 GsmSingle Sided £0.80
ColourA3135 GsmDouble Sided£1.60
ColourA3250 GsmSingle Sided £1.00
ColourA3250 GsmDouble Sided£2.00
Colour A3300 GsmSingle Sided £1.20
ColourA3300 GsmDouble Sided£2.40
ColourA3350 GsmSingle Sided £1.40
ColourA3350 GsmDouble Sided£2.80
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