Thomas Dean Design have purchased a new business vehicle

Owner of TDD, DTB has just purchased a new business vehicle. Dean had this to say…

“Over the last 12 months the company has achieved excellent growth in its sign design and fitting department. It’s become essential to the company to have a dedicated sign fitting vehicle that can deliver our bespoke shop signs to site on a weekly/ monthly basis. I have opted for a Ford Ranger with double cab to allow for the fitting team or clients to be taken to and from the designated site. The Vehicle also provides a secure pick up bed for our specialist sign fitting equipment along with a large roof rack to carry our largest panel sizes. Obtaining this new vehicle for the company has given us more flexibility and increased our level of service and good service is one of TDD’s main foundations”

Keep a look out for the new TDD truck and be sure to beep when you see us in the street!


Modification Made to the Vehicle

Now that TDD have obtained a new company vehicle suitable for supporting the range of service TDD provide, the next job for our internal design team is to customise the vehicle.

TDD intend to design and build a custom set of roof rails in strong powder coated steel. The steel rails will run the full length of the vehicle. Standard rails for this vehicle just are not suitable for the range of work the vehicle will carry out.

“The new TDD company vehicle must be versatile and provide the company with various on site options such as transporting large and long shop signage that has been fabricated in our workshop. The vehicle must also effectively represent our brand and display a go anywhere achieve anything without limits.  ”
Dean Thomas

Thomas Dean Design

TD Design – Vehicle Customisation

The next stage of customising the TDD work vehicle will be to create a roof caddy, one of the many products Thomas Dean is currently developing internally to in the future offer to clients. The Roof Caddy is a roof storage box that will allow multi level storage of good that need to be carried to and from work related destinations. The Roof Caddy will connect directly to the custom rails fitted to the vehicle.

Product Features
  • Transport goods of up to 3 meters in length
  • Transported goods are kept dry and unaffected by the weather
  • Goods can be left inside the Roof Caddy secure overnight
  • Multiple carry tube options for long thin lengths can be added

The Roof Caddy can be styled to suit the shape and size of your individual car, van or truck.. for more information please call the team on 01253 72 93 93