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Simply put.. we are going to help you sell more of your products and services to more people more effectively!


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    Marketing Introduction

    Marketing is about planning to identify, anticipate and satisfy consumer demand in such a way as to make a profit. The two main elements of this plan are market research (identify and anticipate customer requirements) and (planning an appropriate marketing mix) TDD can develop, assist and manage your marketing strategy!

    When you need an instant reaction there is no better method of marketing than using a mix of direct mail and online marketing. TDD can design your leaflets, flyers, menus and distribute ready for you to start your Door to Door letterbox marketing campaign. At the same time we will design and manage your online marketing. Our customers, who include restaurants, takeaways and advertising agencies know that accurate consumer targeting a meticulous eye for detail are essential for a successful marketing campaign.

    Direct Marketing

    For personalised direct mail that packs a punch you need to bring in the professionals. Our expertise stretches from design to print and finishing production. We work with a local delivery agent who can be trusted to be delivering your direct mail when and where it should be going. Use TD Design to create personalised direct mail pieces that really capture a customer’s attention.

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    E-mail Marketing

    Like clockwork, each month a newsletter will be sent out to your email list to keep your products and services front of mind. After all, your customers are only ready to buy when they are ready to buy so an e newsletter is a great way to keep in touch and front of mind. Newsletters are great to remind people about you, create a professional relationship and generate trust. As part of a “keep in touch” marketing strategy, they can be a very powerful tool.

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    Social Media Marketing

    Social media is great. It helps you interact with existing and new audiences. It helps send links to your website and it helps you engage on a responsive level that other media can’t compete with. Our social marketing experts can manage your social media profiles for you to ensure that you present the right personality to reflect your brand values. We will spend time understanding your target market and objectives to ensure your social media presence is efficient and effective.

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    Starting your Project with us

    In order to start your project with us we advise you gather your research and information so you can present your ideas to us. Contact us using our contact form or simply give us a call, a member our design team will be ready to book you in for a FREE 1 hour design consultation.

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