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Web Design & Hosting



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General Information

At Thomas Dean Design we know that a strong clear message, easy navigation and quality content (SEQ) are key to the success of a well designed website but more than that we also understand that good User Experience (UX) comes from having a deep understanding of your target customers. In order for your customers to want to use you website on a regular basis your website must have values like being usable, useful, desirable, find-able, accessible and most of all credible.

No matter what your budget TDD provide a tailored web design and hosting service suited to your needs. Your business may require an on-line commercial environment or a simple informative platform to both create brand awareness and market your business services.

Our Mission & Vision

TDD offer a range of products to suit all budgets and sizes of business from bespoke HTML coded sites to smaller business budgets that may require an off the shelf product such as WP (WordPress), Magento or Joomla.

We find that using a quality pre-coded template can provide you with the right foundations to develop a stunning website at a fraction of the cost of a freshly coded HTML site. No matter what you require we can provide the best solutions to suit your business needs.

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