Our On-site Photographer

Katiee Green

Katiee Green

Designation : Photographer
Mobile : 01253 - 723939

Katee left school at the age of just 16 with a talent for art and design. After securing a promising job in the design industry, Katee hoped to develop her skills and looked forward to the future. However, less than a year later and only 17 years old Katee was made redundant. Out of work and not really knowing what to do next, Katee applied for a vacancy at a retail photography store selling camera equipment. It was a decision that would change her life forever.

Within weeks Katee had discovered SLR photography and a medium that captivated his passion for recording life and producing artistic images. With the help of her peers she became engrossed in the subject and spent every spare minute studying and practising the craft. Learning everything she could about film, optics, darkrooms, shutter speeds and depth of field, Katee quickly started to create images that became recognised for their impact and professionalism.

My clients include charities, advertising and design agencies, actors, publishing companies and magazines. My fine-art black & white pinhole photography has also been exhibited through dealer galleries and curated shows in London and the USA. I now shoot with top-of-the-range Nikon professional digital equipment. For many jobs I shoot digital photographs direct to a computer, to give immediate high resolution viewing of photographs and help guarantee that the images I shoot are those my customers require. Please contact the team at Thomas Dean Design to discuss any photographic requirements that you may have.”

Katee began lecturing on photography and teaching other photographers the techniques of the ‘digital photography era’. Her earlier years, using film and darkroom printing, gave her an enviable insight into how to create images rather than just capture them.

In 2009 Katee was short-listed for a Hasselblad Masters Award and now Katee continues to share her passion and knowledge for photography through working for several design agencies and consultancies such as Thomas Dean Design.