Thomas Dean Design open new high street Design Studio

Over the last 12 months office based Thomas Dean Design has achieved excellent growth in its sign design and printing department. More space for new equipment along with larger offices and a workshop has now been obtained in the form of a high street shop. Thomas Dean Design have now opened a new design studio and workshop in St Annes on Sea, Lancashire on Alexandria Drive  just a street back from the busy south promenade.

This new designer space clad in white surfaces allows for both the design and fabrication team to work closer together enhancing communication and the speed they can turn projects around.

The high street shop will also aid brand awareness and allow Thomas Dean Design and Print to show off and showcase what they do to passing trade.

New Design Studio Facilities

The new Thomas Dean Design Studio houses 3 design seats of high spec computer equipment that harnesses the latest industry software, used across several disciplines of design, print and manufacture. Seat 1 offers the designer a state of the art multi screen graphics system allowing for stunning commercial signs and graphics to be produced. Seats 2 and 3 offer further design resources tailored towards packaging design and 3D product Design.

Amongst this tailored array of  design workstations are several types of commercial grade printing machines, from A1 & SRA3 Inkjets, SRA3 Colour and Mono Laser Printers to Large Format Inkjet poster and banner printers and the most recent edition, a large format print and cut system for all types of exterior and interior grade sign and graphics and vehicle printing.

“Constantly re investing back into the company is where we are at, I realise the importance of increasing the spectrum of services we can offer our clients along with the importance of having these system in house so we can closely monitor quality control and adapt the systems where required to suit our various types of clients businesses ”
Dean Thomas

Thomas Dean Design

Consultation & Showroom

TD Design realise the importance of allowing their customers to view, touch and feel the materials and products they are being advised to use. Having a viewable working environment where customers can come and interact with the team is highly effective to generating trust and new business.

Design Studio Features
  • Consultation & Meeting Room
  • Viewable Live working Sign Area
  • Multiple Design Work Stations

One of the main benefits of having multiple workstation offset from the client meeting area is so that at any time the client and the designer need to sit and work together on a new project or any part of an existing project. Offering this facility to our clients allows them to have direct input into the design process which is an attractive feature and service all our clients value.