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Logo design alone does not create a brand, brands are created when graphic design, branding and marketing come together. Get the professional look and stand out from the competition.


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    Brand Design Introduction

    A brand has grown to mean much more than a logo. Branding begins with the consistency of presentation that becomes the identity of a company. Beyond this it represents a consistent value system that a company presents to the world and that is seen to be that company’s way of doing things. On this branding ladder, the challenge is to move beyond the graphic symbols and metaphors to get to the more difficult cultural uniformity that customers and potential customers recognise and value.

    Our Brand Design Service

    Underestimating the power of brand design is a very dangerous thing. At TDD we have witnessed design literally making and breaking brands. But design alone does not create a brand or a sale. A brand is created when design and an understanding of marketing come together.

    At TDD we work towards developing a brand identity which reflects your products, services and communicates your brand promise in a tone that is attractive to your target market. We believe that presenting a consistent and coherent image to your customer base demands that many aspects of your organisation are considered and designed so that they fit together as part of a whole. Conceiving a brand is therefore a careful interplay between a number of design disciplines.

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    A Brand Guide

    A brand guide document will be referred to whenever brand development or implementation or application of the brand is required. The brand guide can be submitted to 3rd parties who are undertaking work for the organisation.

    We advise for a brand guide to be created. The brand guide will house all company logos, marks, images, patterns, colour references and provide specific instruction for each elements value, areas to be used and what they communicate.

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    What We Do

    Working closely with your team creating an identity system and identity guideline manual (Brand Guide) will allow for the consistent use of your brand’s identity throughout your organisations outgoing communication and marketing platforms allowing for your brand to be easily recognized and gain awareness in the marketplace.

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    Starting your Project with us

    In order to start your project with us we advise you gather your research and information so you can present your ideas to us. Contact us using our contact form or simply give us a call, a member our design team will be ready to book you in for a FREE 1 hour design consultation.

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