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With over a hundred garment styles to choose from, we provide hot vinyl press decoration in a wide range of materials offering single and full colour finishes.


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    Customised Work-wear Introduction

    At Thomas Dean Design our state-of-the-art machinery can provide you with a range of techniques to apply your logo to a garment of your choice. Our printing machinery will bring your logo to life on any garment. However, there are factors, like the material of your garment, which you should consider before you decide on what kind of application you wish to use.

    Print Heat Transfer

    Printing gives you many advantages: it’s durable and it can create unique and complex designs using extremely vivid colours’ we use the highest quality heat press machines to guarantee the highest quality end product to leave you with a smile on your face. There are a range of different press materials and techniques available, and one may be more appropriate than the others depending on the garments you are using or the complexity of your logo. As an overview we can use these methods explained below.

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    Vinyl Transfer

    The best way to think of transfer is comparable to the names and numbers on the back of a football shirt. A sheet of vinyl is carefully cut into the specific shape of your logo or design, the remaining design is then flipped and finally heat sealed onto the garment using a heat press.

    Vinyl transfer is great for less complex designs with low colours, typically a logo with 1-2 colours would be applied with this method. This process works well for relatively low quantity orders. Vinyl transfer is suitable for the majority of garments (apart from fleece and wool) we recommend this process for Hi-Vis garments.

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    To adhere to our own quality standards, we do not provide embroidery on garments that have a weight under 175gsm (the reason for this is because the material is so thin it cannot hold the embroidery and therefore tends to pucker, we therefore don’t offer embroidery on thin garments as it doesn’t give the polished logo appearance that we pride ourselves on). Due to the same reasons, we also do not offer printing via DTG on garments that are 100% Polyester as the fabric cannot hold the print (screen print can be used as an alternative print method – but this service is only available on larger quantity orders of 20 garments and above).

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    Starting your Project with us

    In order to start your project with us we advise you gather your research and information so you can present your ideas to us. Contact us using our contact form or simply give us a call, a member our design team will be ready to book you in for a FREE 1 hour design consultation.

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